How You Can Help Convict Donald Trump

Thomas Waters
2 min readJan 24, 2021


If you live in a state with a senator and that’s pretty much all of us, do what you can to help make sure the Senate convicts the orange dictator wannabe.

Write a letter- BY HAND- and send it, via USPS to your senator.

Be pleasant, factual, and friendly. Ask them to listen to the evidence and convict tRump based on the evidence. Add a sentence or two about why this conviction is important to fully return democracy with accountability.

Why you HANDWRITE the Letter

These senators get thousands of emails. The emails are often form, or chain emails. These don’t get a lot of attention, and in regards to the impeachment, there will be a ton of them, so no one with power will really be paying attention to them. They get tons of form paper mail too. You want a letter that will actually be held in someone of power’s hand, and read. You want them to know that the ideas expressed are yours, their constituent’s.

A handwritten letter, is unique in today’s culture. Few people do that. Senior staff, and possibly the senator themselves will read it for sure, because it is so unique.


  • order them
  • accuse them
  • yell at them
  • berate them
  • threaten them.

Honey attracts more flies than vinegar. Even if, in your opinion, they are a horrible senator, use civility, reason, courtesy, and a calm rational tone.

The letter doesn’t have to be long. In fact the shorter the more likely it will be read, and you want a real person to actually read it.

Only send letters to your own senators. They are there to represent you. While all senators may influence you, your path to their action, is through your own senators.

Say thank you.

Say sincerely, and mean it.

Every senator in every state needs to hear from their constituents like this. If your handwriting is so illegible (like mine) it can be typed, but a hand written letter is far more likely to be actually read, so increase your chances of being heard- send a handwritten letter.



Thomas Waters

Waters is a blogger and artist, focusing primarily on LGBTQ issues.